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Entrepreneurial orientation.


In partnership with Brainport Industries, the Corporate Venturing Research Group (Tilburg School of Economics & Management — TiSEM) conducted a survey of consortium members.

Survey responses allow us to examine the level of Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) that resides within the Brainport Industries consortium, as well as to investigate how EO shapes subsequent strategic decisions and firm performance.

The results of the survey currently enable individual members to benchmark their innovation preparedness against consortium averages.

We plan to repeat this survey on an annual basis in the years to come — repeated measurements will allow us to combine cross-sectional data with time-series analytical approaches, which provides more valuable insights to members in the long-run. 

Aggregated and anonymized results are available in the 2017 Annual EO Report. The report is available to Brainport Industries Members only. Any Member interested in learning and discussing individual results with the researchers can reach out to us to schedule a meeting (free of charge).