Participate in Research.

There are a number of options available for your organization to get involved in research on Corporate Venturing.

Please consider participating and reaching out to us! There is no charge for our services.

Lastly, data generated by our research work is confidential and anonymous. We take your privacy seriously. 



Field Work

One way for your organization to get involved is to contribute data. The data collection can take on many forms, including a series of interviews. We will work with you to design a research approach that intrudes least to your organization. 

We believe that participation should benefit your organization, in addition to furthering the state of knowledge in our field.

Take our Surveys

The most straight-forward way to contribute data is to simply click on one of our surveys. These take no more than ten minutes and provide useful data for us to then conduct quantitative analysis. All participants receive privileged access to anonymized and aggregated results. Perfect for benchmarking your organization, whether it's a startup or a corporate firm!

Enlist Our Bright Students

Another way to get involved is to enlist the help of our students in the School of Economics & Management.

We offer several courses with individual and team assignments that can be tailored to address your organizational concerns. This option does not require that students meet with anyone in your organization.