Dedicated Academics & Researchers With a Deep interest in Corporate Entrepreneurship + the venturing ecosystem.


Core Team

We lecture, mentor students, and conduct research on various facets of entrepreneurship.


Shivaram Devarakonda
Associate Professor




Geert Duysters
Professor of Entrepreneurship
Dean of TiSEM

Joshua G. Eckblad
Ph.D. Candidate


Academic Research Partners


Tobias Gutmann

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG Chair of Strategic Management and Digital Entrepreneurship

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management


Vareska van de Vrande

Professor of Collaborative Innovation and Business Venturing

Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University)


MSc Research

A selection of our bright students at TiSEM advised by Joshua G. Eckblad, who elected to complete their thesis work in the areas of entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial finance. 


Ahmed Al Kaabi
MSc, International Management 2018
Institutional Voids: Obstacles That Iraqi Technology Startups Face.


Joost Bokkers
MSc, Strategic Management 2018
The Bittersweet Process of Equity Fundraising for Startups.


Manon Bolderman
MSc, International Management 2018
The Startup Perspective: Corporate Value Added Services in CVC Investments.


Basten Cobelens
MSc, International Management 2018
How to Increase the IPO Value of Portfolio Companies?


Quirein van den Ingh
MSc, Strategic Management 2018
Startup Capital Fundraising Under Competition:
Is Private Venture Capital Attractive in a Seller’s Market?


Marouane Oulad
MSc, Strategic Management 2018
The Venture Client Model: An Exploration Into How Corporate Firms Apply Startup Technologies to Address Significant Business Challenges.


Manon Rietjens
MSc, Strategic Management 2018
How Do Corporate Firms Transfer Valuable Knowledge to Portfolio Companies?


Veerle Simons
MSc, Strategic Management 2018
The Effect of Portfolio Diversity and Distance on a Portfolio Company’s Exit: An Examination of the Corporate Venture Capital Context.


Sascha Van de Ven
MSc, Strategic Management 2018
Feeding Green Initiatives: An Examination of the Relationship Between External Stakeholder Pressures and Subsequent Corporate Investment Choices.

Sanne van Driel
MSc, Strategic Management 2017
Antecedents to B-Corp Certification: Ethical Decision-Making in Entrepreneurial Organizations.

Yama Saraj
MSc, Strategic Management 2017
Innovation Performance: The Role of SME Entrepreneurial Orientation in High-Tech Clusters.

Juned Adi Wibowo
MSc, Strategic Management 2017
Crowd Investing: The Role of Non-Financial Quality Signals.