Dedicated Academics & Researchers With a Deep interest in Corporate Entrepreneurship + the venturing ecosystem.


Core Team

We lecture, mentor students, and conduct research on various facets of entrepreneurship.


Shivaram Devarakonda
Associate Professor




Geert Duysters
Professor of Entrepreneurship
Vice Dean Research

Joshua G. Eckblad
Ph.D. Candidate


MSc Theses

A selection of our bright students at TiSEM, who elected to complete their thesis work in the areas of entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial finance. 


Quirein van den Ingh
MSc, Strategic Management 2018
Startup Capital Fundraising Under Competition:
Is Private Venture Capital Attractive in a Seller’s Market?


Sanne van Driel
MSc, Strategic Management 2017
Antecedents to B-Corp Certification: Ethical Decision-Making in Entrepreneurial Organizations

Yama Saraj
MSc, Strategic Management 2017
Innovation Performance: The Role of SME Entrepreneurial Orientation in High-Tech Clusters

Juned Adi Wibowo
MSc, Strategic Management 2017
Crowd Investing: The Role of Non-Financial Quality Signals